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SnapChef Training

Snapchef Training

Snapchef’s unique approach to culinary training for their employees has become an industry standards. Our employees and trainees have experienced tremendous improvements in their lives and careers when given the information and skills necessary to become successful.

Snapchef is dedicated to the principal that employees in the kitchen must be trained to do their job.  We realize that the 360 degree view includes the safety and morale of our employee, the customer’s safety and the satisfaction of our clients.

With our state of the art culinary orientation and training center we are the first Staffing Agency offering hands on training to our employees and clients.

Our goals are simple: supplying the right person for the right job - however training people to work long hours in high pressure situations is anything but simple.  We have found that helping people stay focused on the job comes from focusing on them.  We help our Snapchefs with motivation, knowledge of best practices, reliability and taking responsibility in order to make them better professionals.

Snapchef has developed a set of training videos where we review the basics skills constantly so they know the rules for any professional kitchen. We go over the job descriptions step by step to make sure our employees can enter the food service and contribute to the smooth running of that operation.

The difference between who you are and who you want to be
is what you do. (Bill Philips)

We are here to help you achieve your goals.

  • ServSafe the Manager's Class (read more)
  • ServSafe the Food Handler's Class (read more)
  • Workplace Safety Class - The National Restaurant Association Course (read more)

Our Testimonials

"Just wanted to mention that the lady at the grill today was the best there has been in a long time! She was happy go lucky, but serious, very quick, attentive, not lazy or slow. Can we keep her, can we keep her???? lol, just saying, talk later",


"I came to Snap Chef because I heard there was an opportunity for work. I worked in many places and with your encouragement I took a full time position through your "tem to perm" program. I just wanted to write and say how much I appreciate what you and Snap Chef did for me. I will never forget it!"


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